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“I worked with Mike Fisher as a Deputy Sheriff for over 8 years. I know Mike to have high moral values, a sense of compassion for anyone who was a victim of a crime, and treated everyone fairly in his daily duties as a Deputy Sheriff. I no longer live in Osceola County but because of Mike’s character I am supporting him financially in the hopes that my former home county will once again have a Sheriff everyone can look to for fairness and compassion..”

-Robert Williams, Business Owner., Rentaland Tents and Events

“How can I describe Mike Fisher to anyone who has never met him or only sees his name on a bumper sticker or sign and wonders- who the heck is this guy and why should I vote for him? Well, ladies and gentlemen it’s very simple! Mike Fisher is a “Cops Cop.” Mike was molded to be a leader before he even joined the Sheriff’s Office. I have known Mike Fisher since his first day as a Reserve Deputy with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. Mike spent many days in the seat next to me when he joined the Sheriff’s Office. And he spent many more days, months and years as a Deputy Sheriff on my shift. You know you learn a lot about a person when you work this close to them, and I learned a lot about Mike Fisher. He is truly a caring individual who loves his family, his law enforcement career and his community. These are trying times that we are living in and the Sheriff’s Office not only needs a leader who has proven himself, but deserves a leader like Mike Fisher. One who is honest, ethical, and upstanding. So, I ask the voters of Osceola County please support Mike Fisher and elect him your next Sheriff. Good luck Mike and God bless you and your family.”

-Robert N. Smith, Retired / LEO, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

“I worked side by side with Mike Fisher during the 2012 Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa. The RNC was a very volatile event, which drew thousands of protestors to Tampa from around the country. Mike was a commander with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) group that came to Tampa to assist the Tampa Police Department with crowd control and maintenance of order.
From the time we began training for this event, I could see that Mike was a true leader. His subordinates looked up to him for guidance, direction, support and leadership. The RNC had many demonstrations and protests and was very stressful on the law enforcement personnel working. Mike was a calming factor. Not only for the deputies under his command, but for other leaders, such as me.
In the years following the RNC, I instructed for the University of Louisville’s Southern Police Institute. While teaching Strategic Policing in the Command Officers Development Course, I had several students form OCSO. During class introductions I would always ask the OCSO employees if they knew Mike Fischer. The amount of unsolicited praise I heard about what a great cop, leader, mentor and friend Mike Fischer is, was downright impressive.Mike Fischer is a real cop, a true leader and a great person; who is by far the best choice for Sheriff of Osceola County.”

-Marc Hamlin, Assistant Chief of Police (retired), Tampa Police Department

“As a former Osceola County employee, I have worked beside and for Mike Fisher. He has the integrity and strong family bond that we need to rebuild the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office and tie it back into the community it serves.”

-Betsy Huston, Staff Sergeant/Property Manager, Alutiiq Pacific, LLC

“He really is an awesome guy! Dedicated to family and Law Enforcement! He would be an awesome Sheriff for the people of Osceola County. He will get things done. He is highly respected by many people including myself. MIKE FISHER 2020”

-Dara Lynn Morrow

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